***New release from the HOOTROCK boys*** It's like a bootleg recording from your favorite dive bar! Check out "Super-Charged Van" by JOHNNY HOOTROCK! It was recorded live at Headhunters in Austin, TX November 30 2012. This is one song of a whole album being released soon!


Get your brand new copy of "JOHNNY HOOTROCK Pillages Norway"

This album is outta control! A comedy show with guitars! (The CD is available at all live shows and you can get it online too!)




Thursday February 6 2020: JOHNNY HOOTROCK at Come And Take It Live in Austin, TX with Sickscrew/Lucky Odds/The Homewreckers

Friday February 7 2020: JOHNNY HOOTROCK at Main at South Side in Fort Worth, TX

Saturday February 8 2020: JOHNNY HOOTROCK at The Deadhorse in San Angelo, TX

Thursday March 26 2020: JOHNNY HOOTROCK at Chopper John's in Phoenix, AZ

Friday March 27 2020: JOHNNY HOOTROCK at Surly Wench Pub in Tucson, AZ

Saturday March 28 2020: JOHNNY HOOTROCK at 9th Annual AZ Rockabilly Bash in Peoria, AZ



 CD's available at CDBaby and all shows!

 6.66 Gallons