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HOOTROCK tears it up in Mandal, Norway Here's a translation of a kick-ass article written by Veronica L. R. Figueira in the Mandal Festival Guide: Johnny Hootrock @ Sjøboden Live Scene, 07/08/14 Clem Hoot & co. provided a wonderful atmosphere in the attic. Photo: JHH Finally! Finally a must-see concert for us who like psychobilly. And it was a sold out hall. Johnny Hootrock are a trio from Austin, Texas. Fronted by Clem Hoot who emigrated from Haugesund to Austin in the late 80's. The trio says that their music is Psycho-Garage-a-Billy seasoned with Texas Beat Farming Hellbilly Mexicana, country and surf, and we agree. Rarely have Mandal...correction...Mandal has never been visited by such a dedicated, even ironic and fantastic live band. I think they hit most present Mandalitter right in the root of the heart. After the concert, people were surprised how good the psychobilly genre can be and everyone was very pleased with the concert. Andrea Von Frankenstein was one of the best dancers ever at Sjøboden! Photo: JHH And all men (and probably some of the ladies) think go-go dancer Andrea Von Frankenstein was one of the best dancers they've ever seen. Ergo, dance performances need not be world class but shake what you have and smile, smile as if your life depended on it, then you'll have everyone in the palms of your hand. Johnny Hootrock have made use of half-naked ladies dancing and taken it to a whole new level, it was not at all embarrassing and no feminists have any reason to scream loud about this. And if so, they should stay away. This is what psychobilly is, men should be raw and ladies will be delicious. That's just the way it is! The members of the band have a lot of experience in music and entertainment. They know how to sell themselves and they have a unique interaction with the audience. The music is raw and their sense of humor, even more raw. That's how you charm your audience and these guys have certainly understood that. The song that deals with how "I lost my girl two Mr. Fancy Pants " whether true or not, you can't help but smile when they make a whole circus act out of the tune, the drummer is wearing fancy pants and go-go dancer Von Frankenstein provides visual aid to help the audience understand who Mr. Fancy Pants really is, and why he's been a bad boy. Never before have we seen a drummer blindfolded and play the "drunk-a-billy-yoodle." We have never heard anyone interpret and translate "Who can sail without wind" so rough around the edges and with such a hard twist. Johnny Hootrock have to be experienced live. The studio album does not justify what they do live. However, the album is great and if you are a psychobilly fan, the album will stand tall in your collection, but live, these guys are golden. Thanks to their self-irony and interaction with the audience and the raw sound. And that they give absolutely everything they have when performing. Hopefully, Mandalittene will get yet another opportunity to experience the band in December. We simply can't wait, there is no doubt about that. If you want a mood booster that lasts well into the next week, the feeling that the party lasts for a few days without the need of sleep, then take a look at JOHNNY HOOTROCK.” - Veronica L.R. Figueira

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